2 de jul. de 2011

Michael Jackson BAMSDAY - Parte 2

Bom galera, eu tava olhando por ai e vi que o TheIllusion777 respondeu algumas perguntas, aquelas que são mais freqüentes, mas ele respondeu apenas 9 perguntas... Vou deixar aqui com vocês o video que fiz:

E aqui a versão em inglês:

1. When will MJ return?
- It is planned for him to return in July 2011. I cannot reveal the exact date.

2. How will MJ return?
- It will be live via satellite feed. Something will also be happening in Hollywood, CA

3. How do you know MJ?
- I worked with him on the 'Invincible' album, as an enginnering assistant.

4. How did you get involved in the hoax?
- Well, I sort of kept in touch with MJ throughout the years. He met with me one day and brought forward the proposition of his hoax. He told me SOME things that showed me that he really thought it through. He then asked if I'd be willing to help with it. Being intrigued by public stunts and other hoaxes, I immediately said yes.

5. Was MJ singing on "Michael"?
- Believe it or not, MJ WAS singing on the new album. His voice was added for a few reasons, one being to get people to LISTEN to the songs, and not just listen...but REALLLLY listen.

6. Where will the BAM happen?
- I cannot reveal the EXACT location, but I can state that it will happen in Hollywood, CA

7. Did MJ write the "thank you" note that was supposedly from LMP?
- It was actually LMP who wrote that, but she IS aware that MJ is alive.

8. Will MJ ever appear in a public venue again?
- He won't necessarily perform live again, but he WILL continue to record music.

9. Who are you?
- I cannot reveal that at this time, but when the time comes (if MJ allows it), I will reveal myself.

That's all for now. Thank you all for the warm welcome and the LOVE.

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